Together: The Values of Open Education. Collaborating Internationally and Creating an Openly Licensed Picture Book. Now what? #GOGN :async:

Gino Fransman (Nelson Mandela University/ OpenEdInfluencers), Chrissi Nerantzi (Manchester Metropolitan University), Paola Corti (Politecnico di Milano), Ody Frank (Clarendon Six-Form College)

‘Together’ is an openly licensed, free and collaborative picture book and an Open Educational Resource (OER).

Together is co-created by a small group of open practitioners and researchers in Higher Education (HE) who are across many countries and continents and supported by a 2020 Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN) Fellowship. Together is, by its nature, created with the help of the wider Open Education community (Pulker et al., 2021). This story, and telling it,is always changing and changeable. Together can be used and remixed by individuals in different cross-generational settings, various contexts, and parts of the world. It is for young and adult readers alike (Nerantzi et al., 2021a). Gratitude to the generosity of the Open Education community, the story has already been translated into more than 28 languages Nerantzi, C. Pulker, H., Corti, P., Roberts, V., Bentley, P., Fransman, G., Mathers, B. and Frank, O. (2021b).

Come along to help us explore and discuss Together! As you join us (or direct others to do so), think about the context of educator and learner development at school, college, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, or university.

How can Together be useful to create international learning communities, foster engagement in learning and assessment while promoting the opportunities and values of Open?

How can we use Together to raise awareness of Open, co-create knowledge and share it within international cross-cultural contexts?

How can Together be used for creative expression and risk taking, storytelling and making to spread Open across cultures and work towards the SDGs?

We will invite colleagues interested in participating in our activity to also join a session the team will organise and announce as part of this contribution to introduce the activity and provide guidance and support.


Nerantzi, C., Pulker, H., Bentley, P., Corti, P., Roberts, V., Fransman, G., Frank, O. and Mathers, B. (2021a) Together. Zenodo. Translation available in 20 languages.

Nerantzi, C., Pulker, H., Corti, P., Roberts, V., Bentley, P., Fransman, G., Mathers, B. and Frank, O. (2021b) The joys of open collaboration, stories from the GOGN picture book team, OER21 Conference, 22 April 2021, recording at

Pulker, H., Bentley, P., Fransman, G., Roberts, V., Nerantzi, C., Corti, P., Frank, O. and Mathers, B. (2021) A collaboration like no other, reflections by the team as the GOGN picture book project is coming to an end #GOGNpb, 7 April 2021, GO-GN blog,

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_32.pdf 📄

Activity Details

UNESCO OER Action Area: Building capacity
Format: Asynchronous Interactive Activity
Language: English


This activity can be completed at any time during (or after) the conference.

Instructions and materials for the activity will be added below by the authors. They will provide specific details on how to participate and what to share back as a response to the activity.

Remixing Together! Experience the making of open educational resources in multiple languages. What will you make?

Hello everybody,

Thank you so much for your interest in this picture book activity. Open education, can significantly contribute to increasing learning opportunities for all and is in full alignment with SDG 4, “Quality Education for all”. (Education – United Nations Sustainable Development). Join this activity to see how you can help and contribute!

We would like to invite you to join us over the conference to experience making and remixing open educational resources based on the openly licensed picture book “Together”: it tells a story about the values of open education and has been created by a small group of open educators from around the world during the pandemic (Nerantzi, C. Pulker, H., Corti, P., Roberts, V., Bentley, P., Fransman, G., Mathers, B. and Frank, O., 2021). Thanks to the open education community, the story of the book has already been translated into over 20 languages. These are currently available as Google slideshare books. You can access the original book at and download it Together | Zenodo

For this activity, we invite you to use some of the resources provided and create your own remixes, using images and text from the book in the different languages and other resources you would like to add to create your own versions. Just make sure that any additional resources you use are available in the public domain or under an open license. You can also use photographs and drawings you have created (and consider sharing them with an open license too).

Access the Google Drive Folder and start remixing!

Please note, you will need to sign in to get full access to this folder.

During the activity, there will be support at hand! We will be present in the discussion at different times, to accommodate and support participation from individuals in different time zones.

You will get access to a set of resources and are invited to

  1. Create Google Slide versions of the story using the existing text and translations
  2. Create new versions of the story if you wish. Feel free to use the characters and objects provided.
  3. Translate the text into further languages not yet available.
  4. Create bilingual versions of the story.
  5. Use the Doodlefan tool to create your own scenes based on the ones from the book.
  6. Or do anything else you wish. We are sure you will have many more ideas. The opportunities are endless. You can use the demonstration to familiarise yourself with Doodlefan
  7. Whatever you decide to do, remember to acknowledge where the ideas came from (with proper attribution statements), use the appropriate open license and remember to include your name as a remixer.
  8. Please feel free to save your creations on your local computer so that you can also print them and use them offline.
  9. Also share your creation back with us in this folder so that this can be curated and included in the Global Culture Jam Museum and also shared more widely with the open education community.
  10. Final question: What are you taking away from these open picture book activities? What did you learn from this process and what may you do as a result of these in your own educational context? Please share with us.


Nerantzi, C., Pulker, H., Bentley, P., Corti, P., Roberts, V., Fransman, G., Frank, O. and Mathers, B. (2021a) Together. Zenodo. Together | Zenodo

We are looking forward to working with you on this!

Gino, Paola, Chrissi and Ody

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Thanks for this session, Gino, Paola, Chrissi and Ody! I for one am eager to remix and to see what other participants generate.


The Doodlefan app is so impressive, it takes a bit of play to understand what is possible (the ability to paint out the text of the story is impressive)

But now it takes some thought to how one might creatively use the ability to doodle on a scene. It could be to give different voices, or insight into the characters.

This is very exciting, I challenge conference attendees to take on the remix challenge.


Hi Alan, thank you for stopping by and testing Doodlefan :wink: There is a tutorial which may be helpful for colleagues. Please see demonstration at Doodlefan demonstration - YouTube Hopefully this link will work.

Try it! We are looking forward to your creations in different languages. Backgrounds are from our picture book Together.

Enjoy :wink:

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We made a narrated version for the #OEGlobal21 talent show, now you can play it wherever you are. Let us know if you want to make more in your own languages, and we can try to help! This one features the amazing @verenanz and @Molya, and I narrated.

#GOGNpb @chrissinerantzi @Paola


It is indeed a truly amazing addition to our outputs Gino and we are all grateful to you, Verena and Molya for creating such a lively narration! Great suggestion about making further versions in multiple languages. Anybody up for this? Might also be nice to involve school children?


Narrating the book was so much fun! It is such a sweet story. :innocent:

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Thank you, Molya, for being with us in this! Your voice is a gift! :hugs:

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