:sync: Train the trainer module: Redesign your course with open educational resources

Authors: Lieke Rensink, Michel Jansen
Institution: SURF
Country: Netherlands

Topic: Applications of Open Education Practices/Open Pedagogy/Open Education Research
Sector: Higher Education
UNESCO Area of Focus: Building capacity
Session Format: Presentation


In 2020, a workshop 'Redesign your course with open educational resources’ was developed together with various higher education institutions in the Netherlands. Initially the focus was a face-to-face workshop, but due to the covid-19 pandemic we focused on the development of an online workshop. We tested the first version at two higher education institutions: the University of Groningen and HAN University of Applied Sciences. All documents, tips and tricks and experiences are being collected and all materials are made in a neutral format. After the summer of 2020 all document will be offered online and shared openly. Every institution in the Netherlands, but also in the world, can adopt the workshop and adapt it as needed and host it at their educational institution. The recordings of the workshops of the institutions where the workshop has already been given are included for inspiration and may also be reused.

To encourage reuse, we have developed a train-the-trainer workshop. This will increase the reach and we will guide various higher education institutions in the roll-out of such a workshop. The first train the trainer workshop will take place in September, after we offered all materials online.

The workshop itself focuses on the basics of open (creative commons, searching, assessing materials and sharing) and discusses barriers and challenges with participants. As an institution, you can choose to give teachers homework, such as study the module ‘Introduction to open educational resources’ and give an assignment of conducting a search for materials in your own field. This way teachers experience finding and searching for themselves and they all have the same knowledge starting the workshop. A nice element is to exchange these first experiences with each other. This way participants get to know each other and a network within the institution is established around the use of open educational resources within your institution.

The further development of the face-to-face workshop will be postponed until 2021. Those materials will eventually be added to the toolbox of materials for institutions we openly offer. The face-to-face workshop pays more attention to support staff, library staff and policy makers who are interested in putting the subject on the map within the institution. The idea is to really embed the workshop in a professionalization program at the institution and this requires more than just teaching the teachers. The aim is for the institutions to gain experience in what teachers encounter, so that they can make and adjust their policy and support accordingly.
We would like to discuss and talk with participants about the workshop, the train the trainer workshop and the materials in a live session during OEGlobal.


Train the trainer, Reuse, Workshop, Redesign your course


SURF-train-the-trainer-OER-workshop kl.pdf (3.3 MB)
Attached you will find the slides of our presentation.

Please feel free to reuse all our products:

For all the Dutch people interested in exchanging experiences: on 23e November we organise a rertrospect on OEGlobal: https://www.surf.nl/agenda/terugblik-oeglobal-conferentie

Recording of the session:

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