Webinar on Finding and Building OER about AI Writing Assistance

What kind of OER do we need about ChatGPT? What is already out there?
Join us at a webinar focused on AI writing assistance, sponsored by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges OER Initiative and hosted by Anna Mills and Elle Dimopoulos.

Inspired in part by @cogdog’s leadership in getting discussions about AI going in this forum and @mahabali’s leadership in getting workshops going with Equity Unbound and blogging about ChatGPT. Also inspired by the project 101 Creative Ideas for AI in Education and several other educators like Juan David Gutierrez at Universidad de Rosario and the sponsors of the Sentient Syllabus Project who have shared materials under open licenses.

Friday, 2/24 at 2 pm Pacific time, (5 pm EST, 10 pm GMT)

We will record and post the recording after! Please let me know if you have other materials you would like me to highlight and/or add to the resource are at the Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse.


Looking forward to sharing ideas and expanding our collaborative network.

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Thanks Anna for organizing these events and including this community. I do hope people step up, especially since there is much AI expertise here.

It’s an interesting challenge to consider OER for what is so rapidly changing, and I would suggest being a bit wider in scope than just ChatGPT.

I am technically off this week so will have to catch the recording, and if there is a call for action afterward, I hope someone attending can relay here.

For quick round, I checked my usual meta sources; what will be interesting is to see what might be relevant for understanding AI from much OER created before 2021. So these are just search results from searches on “Artificial intelligence” from OER at:

A bit more on the geeky side is Hugging Face billed as an “AI community building the future”. I used a lot of their tools and demos to experience AI first hand, think of it as a potential activity. It’s not OER in the typical sense, but offers a place to have learners do activities like seeing filling of word blanks (example) or the bizarre video generator CogVideo (no relation!)

Also, just spotted a post from BCcampus encouraging a playful approach to start understanding ChatGPT


Eager to see what comes of this session thanks again.


How wonderful–thanks for taking the time to do the search! I was doing some similar searching, but it’s very helpful to see what your go-to platforms are as I missed some of these. Sorry you can’t make it, but I will definitely follow up. This started as a workshop directed at English teachers in California community colleges since but it since dawned on me that it could still be useful to that group and have a broader scope.

Good point that the scope should be wider than just ChatGPT.
I love the idea to incorporate HuggingFace demos as hands-on ways to understand AI. Maybe an activity could be designed to show how bias in the data leads to bias in outputs.

Thanks for your support and for welcoming me to this community!

Just wanted to thank @cogdog again for the resources and share the slides and recording. We had a great audience of 140+ and registration was full at over 300. We had time for a good long discussion after the presentation as well.