Wheel of insight - Connecting learning materials to support learning objectives

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For teachers, it is not always clear what type of learning material can best be used in a specific context. That context is partly determined by the learning outcomes to be achieved in the course and the desired didactic approach. This tool called the ‘Wheel of insight’ connects learning materials to support specific learning objectives. And in doing so, provides insight into which type of learning material is best suited for the desired didactic approach.

When using this tool, teachers and support staff determine at first which of the six cognitive learning goals (based on the revised taxonomy of Bloom) is applicable for the course. For example, the course focuses on analysing.
Second the consideration of the didactic methods which are described by means of actions. E.g. do you want student to participate, discuss or solve problems?
As a result, the tool suggests which types of learning materials can best be used. Each suggestion is supported by evidence, described in one or more scientific articles. Currently, the tool is based on ~100 articles.

The articles are indicated with:
• a green lock: indicates Open Access
• a grey lock: indicates a paywall and is possible to access, for example, via an institution

The idea of the tool is inspired by the Padagogy Wheel as a resource, where educational apps and learning outcomes are linked.

During the presentation we hope to give insight and spread awareness amongst participants to analyse which type of learning materials are available in their own institutions and the opportunities it could bring to enrich education.

This Wheel of insight is the product of the Dutch Acceleration plan - Educational innovation with ICT, Zone Towards digital (open) educational resources. (https://www.versnellingsplan.nl/en/towards-digital-open-educational-resources/)


:eye_in_speech_bubble: Presented by:: Leontien van Rossum
:sun: Conference Track: Thematic Session: Pathways to Opening Up Education
:spiral_calendar: Track Date/Time: 2022-05-24T14:40:00Z (your local time)
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