A smart way of visualizing your learning paths with existing OER

The last two years many lecturers created great clips. These materials, not only videos, should not be lost for student and colleagues. We want to encourage the reuse of these materials by enhancing their accessibility and sustainability and make them openly available as open educational resources (OER) for students, lecturers and other institutions.

Our concept consists of two components: first, together with the lecturers, we collect the created materials of a course that is meant to be shared, such as videos, presentations and assignments, and organize, save and share these. By using metadata the materials are findable. It also helps to identify the key concepts of a course. We make smart use of different repositories and platforms, such as edusources, video.vu.nl and reading management list-tools.
Simultaneously, we visualize the course in a document in a coherent and accessible way. Next, we integrate the OER into the document with hyperlinks thus the document becomes interactive. The document now entails, and gives an overview of, all the relevant OER.

Many lecturers are hesitant about sharing their materials. It is unclear what’s in it for them. With this concept we answer that question. When completed, they created:

  • A sustainable source of findable clips and other open educational materials for students and lecturers that consists of one accessible document.
  • The visualization creates a better understanding of the interconnection of various key concepts for students and other lecturers.
  • Thanks to the structure, the materials are easier to re-use and mix by other institutions.

Description of participant engagement

We think we all acknowledge the importance of open educational resources. However practical integration lacks. Our concept shares new ways of structuring, sharing and using open educational resources in combination with inhouse available platforms and tools. Thanks to its structure, other institutions have a better understanding of the re-use of their content.

Our concept does not need a large investment, besides time and dedication. Therefore it’s accessible for all and easy to start.


:eye_in_speech_bubble: Presented by:: Sjors Keijzer, Cees van Gent
:sun: Conference Track: Thematic Session: Libraries and librarians
:spiral_calendar: Track Date/Time: 2022-05-23T15:00:00Z (your local time)
:speech_balloon: Language: English
:calling: Pretalx link: A smart way of visualizing your learning paths with existing OER. :: Open Education Global 2022 :: pretalx

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