An institutional OER policy as a basis for systemic change in the adoption of open education

Open Education has been embraced by Delft University of Technology for a long time by participating in initiatives like open courseware, MOOC’s and the more recently introduced publication of open textbooks. However this is just a small part of all of the educational materials that are used and produced within the university. It requires a real systemic change to transition educational resources to open alternatives, including activities like:

  • Support for teachers who design their own teaching materials, making them into OER;
  • Raising teacher’s awareness on existing OER in their field and support with taking inventory of potentially useful OER;
  • Negotiating copyright contracts with publishers to make commercial literature available for use in OER;
  • Developing teacher training for open education skills;
  • Providing advice to management for including open education into their policy;
  • Support with instructional design for open education practices, including the active participation of students in the creation and development of OER.

In this presentation, we will share our strategy for encouraging and supporting these changes. Part of this strategy is including open education into the university’s open science program, as well as starting conversations within the faculties and involving stakeholders to create awareness of OER and copyright, developing a narrative around open education that addresses the different target audiences within the university, starting small good practices and building on to larger, more ambitious projects. All of this has gone hand in hand with the development of an institutional Open Educational Resource (OER) policy.
We perceive the publication of the OER policy that impacts so many players involved in education as a key development within systemic change that we also want to highlight in particular. We want to share the journey towards realizing this policy, as well as the resulting document. In addition, we want to show how we have perceived that with this institutional policy, we see a change in the willingness to adopt open education across campus as a new way of working with educational resources, in large part due to the active involvement of the various stakeholders. We hope to serve as an inspiration to other schools and education institutions by showcasing the various pioneering activities and strategic decisions that we have made to facilitate open education as a new standard in teaching.


:eye_in_speech_bubble: Presented by:: Michiel de Jong, Nicole Will
:sun: Conference Track: Thematic Session: Pathways to Opening Up Education
:spiral_calendar: Track Date/Time: 2022-05-24T12:40:00Z (your local time)
:speech_balloon: Language: English
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