Attach Conference Sessions, Notes as Annotations to the OER Recommendation

Perhaps one of the key acts anyone can do whether In Nantes or Not in Nantes is to attach presentations, notes, resources, commentary directly to specific relevant words within an annotation ready version of the UNESCO OER Recommendation.

We created this annotation opportunity at the close of the OEGlobal 2021 online conference as a bridge to the OEGlobal 2021 Congress in Nantes. Everything you need to know is in this post:

We can Do It! Let's Annotate the UNESCO OER Recommendation
Remix of Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image

Are you willing to accept Rosa’s call? What you might annotate could include:

  • Your own presentation(s) from OEGlobal 2020 or OEGlobal 2021.
  • An idea, resource, key insight from any presentation you attended
  • A project, resource, news story from your own research or reading
  • A question about the intent or what is missing from one of the action areas

Start with one of the available language versions of the recommendation.

Then identify specific words within a specific Action Area (i)Capacity Building, (ii) Developing Supportive policy, (iii) Effective, inclusive and equitable access to quality OER, (iv) Nurturing the creation of sustainability models for OER, or (v) Fostering and facilitating international cooperation. You might look for existing annotations (yellow highlights) that you can add as a reply, or start a new annotation for a selection of words.

Or jump directly to a note we added as an invitation for #OEGlobal22.

The whole aim of this effort to generate examples of implementation of the action areas, to discuss the nuances of the Recommendation, and to add a rich level of context to the document.

For a more detailed guide to this process, see the OER 22 workshop included in the same Pressbook.

Annotate and annotate often!