Guides for Getting Started in H5P

After a project for BCcampus last year supporting faculty using H5P I freely admit I am a bit of a fanatic for it’s potential, though hardly an expert.

My colleague @unatdaly mentioned seeing a growing amount of interest in H5P from within the CCCOER community and asked for suggested links to help people get started.

If you are at an institution I’d bet there is local expertise in your Center for Teaching and Learning (or similar organization). I am adding here a starting set I shared recently for an intro session to H5P for the Midwestern Higher Education Compact.

And just to be hopefully clever, I am sharing it in a way that H5P allows, these are the resources I included created as an H5P Accordion content type.

Any changes I make to the original will appear here.

And I am added two relevant presentations from the recent OEGlobal 2021 conference.

But as all “Lists of Links” go, this is certainly far from exhaustive. So if you have more recommendations for guides that are useful for introducing people to H5P please make use of the Reply button.


Wonderful, thank you so much Alan @cogdog !
I’m just starting out with H5P, both for authoring my own content and as part of a revival of my old ID role accompanying others. We have an internal training/knowledge-sharing session on H5P within our AUNEGe team next week so this will be very useful, and I will be sure to share back anything I think is useful and any questions which arise.

Thanks Deborah, hope to hear more about what you and the AUNEGe team discover about using/creating/helping others with H5P.