Developing Writers: Using H5P to Support Composition Practice :sync:

Brenna Clarke Gray (Thompson Rivers University)

Many practitioners who love H5P only scratch the surface of its capacity and flexibility. In particular, H5P has been underutilized in the development of composition and writing practice. Participants will take a deep-dive into using H5P for developing essay writing skills to support self-development. By the end of the session, participants will understand how to use H5P for composition practice and will leave the session with a sample H5P exercises to work from as they develop their own work.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_13.pdf 📄

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See how @bgray shared her presentation as a web site! Complete with H5P examples embedded.


@bgray You likely know this but the BC Campus Open Text Publishing Guide has this nifty bit for “Offline Copies of H5P Activities”

Hi Brenna,
I found your presentation very useful and interesting, thank you.

I like the idea of the documentation tool, but the big downside is that learners can’t save their work before they finish and export- so effectively they have to do the whole task in one sitting, without leaving that Moodle page. This seems unrealistic for extended writing tasks.

I have just added my vote for this on the H5P feature requests forum [Resume feature in Documentation Tool | H5P] but it has been requested for years without progress. How do you get round this problem with your learners?