Using H5P creating high quality OER :async:

For reference to those interested in H5P, several other OEGlobal 2021 presentations include items of interest.

Brenna’s presentation and resource at includes insight into using among other content types, the Documentation tool as well as addressing accessibility issues

Kim Ernstmeyer shares resources from the OpenRN project including a large suite of H5P Branching Scenarios, available as a collection in LibreStudio

This activity included a fantastic example of the H5P Interactive Book used to overview Student Generated OER model

I’d like also to recommend for anyone interested in getting practice creating H5P content who does not have access to a self hosted version of WordPress, or a Pressbooks account, or an LMS that has H5Psupport enabled, to look at the Lumi app- a downloadable H5P editor that can be used on Windows, OSX, and Linux platforms. It can create .h5p content that can be imported elsewhere.

And lastly I was involved in an H5P development project for BCcampus and all of the resources, examples, and webinars we hosted are openly available from the H5P Kitchen

Oh one more (I really love H5P)… we ran a series of asynchronous H5P workshops here in OEG Connect, resources totally open and available.