(H5P No 2) Where to Make H5P?

We started our exploration of H5P by first looking at examples of what it can produce. If you are following this part of the Open Pedagogy Summer Adventure, chances are you are eager to get started.

The H5P Editor

One of the many reasons to use H5P is that it is not dependent on a single platform for creating or publishing. And the creation interface is the exactly the same wherever you find it. And the content you create can be exported from one environment and used in another.

Where to Use H5P

Getting to this interface may depend on what systems you have access to (but do not worry, we have options if you have access to none of these). These are places where you might already have the H5P tools:

  • A learning management system. Depending on how your LMS is configured, if you use Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, or Moodle, you may have access to H5P. If you are not sure, ask your technical support system
  • Self Hosted drupal or WordPress platforms. If you have your own web hosted versions of these platforms, you can install the H5P plugin to provide support for creating and publishing H5P. This also includes Pressbooks which is built on WordPress and has H5P capability built in).

Now there is a good chance that these may not be options for you! Have no fear, you can practice making some H5P content for free by creating an account at H5P.org. When logged in, look for the Try Out H5P button. But take notice, this service only lets you use a limited number of H5P tools and should only be used for trying the tools, not for using in published content.

But Wait There is More!

A very interesting option with trying, even if you have one of these other places to use H5P, is the desktop Lumi platform. Why? It offers access to the full suite of H5P content types. You can author in Lumi even if not connected to the internet, and anything you create in Lumi can be imported to any other H5P enabled system.

You can download and install a version of this tool for Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems. It is even capable of generating a single page HTML version of an H5P creation.

What to Do

Make sure you have access to any tool available where you can get to the creation screen used above. Reply below to let us know where you will be “doing” H5P and/or any questions you have above where to start.

Chances are you will jump right in and explore, that is fine. But stay tuned to the next activity where we help you get started your first H5P (if this is new to you).

And if you are still eager, we suggest looking at the examples of the 40+ H5P content types. Each one includes one more examples of it in action.

Remember that all activities in this series are available in one tagged link.

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