Open Collaboration toward OER Professional Development Competencies :sync:

Matthew Bloom (Maricopa Community Colleges), Deborah Baker (Maricopa Community Colleges), Lisa Young (Maricopa Community Colleges)

Building on the 2016 OER Competency Framework drafted by the International Organisation of La Francophonie (IOF /, the Open Maricopa project (formerly Maricopa Millions) has undergone a two-year iterative process to revise and adapt the competency framework based on various rounds of public feedback with the intent to use the learning outcomes as a basis for professional development programming across the Maricopa Community Colleges and beyond. The original publication, which is available under a Creative Commons license, was initially subject to feedback from our diverse team of stakeholders on our OER Steering Team, and additional feedback about objectives to edit or include was collected from the larger community at both the 2020 and 2021 Arizona Regional OER Conferences. A finalized draft of this framework is now available to the global public and we would like to engage in discussions about the value of international and cross-institutional collaboration pursuant to the UNESCO OER Recommendation's area of action II.c: "developing mechanisms to create communities of practice, promote teacher professional development using OER, create networks of experts of OER and properly recognize OER creation as a professional or academic merit."

This presentation will describe the origin and process of the development of this revised set of OER Professional Development Competencies and invite participants to imagine ways in which the material may support broader open education initiatives across the world.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_116.pdf 📄

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UNESCO OER Action Areas: Building Capacity, Developing Supportive Policy

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Shared in the session… Current MCCCD OER Competency document:


Hello, OE Global 2021!

This OE competencies framework is adapted from a framework originally developed by the Organization de la Francophonie several years back. We decided to build upon the openly-licensed work and over the course of almost three years went through an iterative and collaborative process that finally yielded this “2.0” version. We encourage you to let us know what we’re missing or what we might want to change. Please feel free to comment in the document!

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