Open Education Co-Design as a Participatory Pedagogy in an Online Graduate Class :sync:

Nicole Neutzling (University of Calgary), Verena Roberts (University of Calgary), Barb Brown (University of Calgary), Michele Jacobsen (University of Calgary), Christie Hurrell (University of Calgary), Mia Travers-Hayward (University of Calgary)

Co-creation and co-design empower learners as active agents (producers of knowledge) versus consumers of information. This study explored the co-design of an open educational resource (OER) using pressbooks within an ethics and technology course in a graduate program in education. The research question guiding this design-based research study was: In what ways can the development of an open educational resource (OER) support student engagement and learning? This project connects with the first UNESCO OER Recommendation: building capacity of stakeholders to create, access, re-use, adapt and redistribute OER. The co-design of an OER pressbook encouraged student engagement in an authentic renewable project, which enhanced the learning outcomes from the course. Interview and survey data from the course instructor and graduate students were analyzed, along with course design and learning artifacts. Findings suggest that developing human interactions and building relationships through a co-design model that integrates digital tools and open educational practices, enabled the development of an OER and provided an authentic scholarly activity that engaged students and their instructor in collaborative knowledge building. Self-reflection used as part of this participatory pedagogy and feedback loops emerged as a key strategy to inform future course design and program improvements. Results serve to inform emerging research on student co-design, open educational practices, and student-centered development of OERs for learner engagement.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_35.pdf 📄

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