Open Practice Discussion on Online Social Elements in Education - What Worked or Didn’t Work in the Past Year :async:

Naomi Wahls (Delft University of Technology), Martijn Ouwehand (Delft University of Technology), Wiebe Dijkstra (Delft University of Technology)

In this interactive open practices session, you will be able to share out what worked and didn’t work in online/remote, hybrid, and Blended Learning (BL) formats in your organization. You will complete a poll with questions about what type of online social elements do you (or your organization) add to a course. With the poll results, we will share out what common online social elements are currently being used. After that we will have an open discussion on where you hope to be with online student engagement in the next year and discuss what steps could be taken to get to your goal. Results from the polls and documents will be utilized amongst open practitioners in the Digitel Pro project and materials created will be shared out as OER.

Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_71.pdf 📄

Activity Details

UNESCO OER Action Area: Sustainable OER
Format: Asynchronous Interactive Activity
Language: English


This activity can be completed at any time during (or after) the conference.

Instructions and materials for the activity will be added below by the authors. They will provide specific details on how to participate and what to share back as a response to the activity.

Complete the survey.

Feel free to share in this discussion space where you hope to be with online student engagement in the next year and what steps you will take to reach your goal.

The output from this discussion space and survey results will be analyzed and shared in this document.

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Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on online teaching. Look forward to seeing the full results of your survey.