Survey on where institutional policies interact with open educational practices

I hope @leohavemann is okay with cross-posting his announcement posted in the interaction zone, it seems like an unconference style activity we hope to see posted here, so I am taking some liberty (hi Leo, ok?) in adding another link here.

If you work in higher education I am seeking your views on how your institutional policies interact with open educational practices.

This is a key part of my PhD research seeking to understand the policy landscape at the vital institutional level.

The study considers ‘open education’ in a wide sense, and ‘policy’ as what we do, as well as what we say we’ll do. Seeking grassroots opinions rather than a ‘definitive’ institutional view. You don’t need to be an expert/policymaker.

Survey Says… flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

:person_cartwheeling: Your Host: Leo Havemann @leohavemann
:office: Affiliation: Open University (UK), University College London, OE Policy Hub
:tada: Format: Ongoing discussion and survey response
:page_with_curl: OER Recommendation Action Area(s): Developing Supportive Policy

How to Participate

Well, it should be simple, as requested, respond to Leo’s survey

and tune into a related session he is part of:

Bu maybe more than that, share any thoughts or comments you have about the meaning of policy at an individual practitioner level. Or ask Leo questions about his research.


Thanks Alan! And hi everyone please feel free to ask me about the research or post any reflections about the topic here.

Ps @cogdog I love the ‘survey’ photo - is that Saskatchewan landscape?

Very similar terrain, but in Wyoming, due south of here.

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Gentle reminder… the survey is still very much OPEN :smile:

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