To find the most cheap development board to bring open resources for most rural areas


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This topic is basically generated for those who have very good knowledge in open educational resources, as we already knows that respberry pi having big issue with there manufacturing right now and unable to meet the requirement.
Can any one have knowledge that rather than respberry pi what are the other development board which quite cheap or in budget we can use to run kiwix, internet in a box, or kolibri or similar like resources easily. This can help us to reach to the very rural area where there is no internet.
This is the most requirement things we need to know if there is development board which can facilitate same as like respberry pi and avaialble in market with good quantity than can help thousand of people.

This is a great question. I remember the WikiMed guys used a 3D printer to print out their tiny casings for their offline solution, but they still needed the source the motherboard element. Let me do some digging …

Looks like the same for the Nimble which I only know from mention elsewhere here… parts are 3d printable, high capacity, but the board is very pricy