Using offline tools to build open content and introduce to open knowledge movement :async:

Florence Devouard (Wiki in Africa)

Last year, during OEGlobal, I presented

- WikiFundi(1), an open-source offline editable wiki-based environment that provides a similar experience to editing Wikipedia (and Vikidia) online as well as

- the WikiChallenge Ecoles d'Afrique (2), a writing contest using WikiFundi and running in a dozen of French speaking African countries.

But those are not the only initiatives which propose to help kids get access to knowledge and improve their digital and social skills in offline contexts. There are other exciting initiatives worth knowing about.

It may be worth clarifying that "offline" refers to situations and places with little to no connectivity, generally speaking all parts of the world where internet access is restricted, expensive, or unavailable: including schools, clinics, prisons, refugee camps, disaster areas. This presentation intends to provde a broad perspective

This year, I propose to share a broader perspective and expand the scope of last year presentation, to give an overview of offline tools and ressources available, as well as initiatives happening in the wikimedia ecosystem, in relationship to the education sector



Extended abstract: OE_Global_2021_paper_72.pdf đź“„

Links to projects and services mentioned in the video

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UNESCO OER Action Area: Building capacity
Format: Pre-recorded Presentation
Language: English


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Welcome! My name is Florence Devouard.
Thank you for visiting this page.My video presentation will be uploaded before Sunday, 26 September.

I look forward to a lively, interactive OEGlobal Conference this year – many thanks to all the OEGlobal team for making it possible.

Hello and welcome back to the conference, Florence. I am very interested in these approaches to providing access to learning resources in places where internet is not viable or present.

And often we overlook old but still available platforms like radio.

We’ve had a bit of discussion of various approaches earlier this year

I look forward to learning more about WikiFundi, I remember looking at the project site after your talk last year.

Thank you for the link to the conversation. I will explore all that next week
I already noted that I wanted to look at H5P a bit more…

Regarding WikiFundi, I am working on the Spanish version of it right now ! I hope we can run a pilote with it next year, perhaps in Argentina.

I quickly share with you the link to our UserGroup last report : Offline Projects/Reports/June 2021 - Meta

The video of the presentation may be found here:


Thank you Florence for sharing this critical need for different ways to share knowledge with the 4 billion humans who do not have reliable internet connections. It is something we greatly underestimate in the developed world. Awareness of different methodologies can assist with spreading knowledge more widely and improving the lives of those impacted. I look forward to learning more.