Webinar 19 Inclusive and Equitable OER, Building Capacity

This webinar addresses the Inclusive and Equitable OER and Building Capacity UNESCO OER action areas. A recording of this session will be added as soon as possible.


UNESCO OER Action Areas: Inclusive and Equitable OER, Building Capacity

Webinar Chair: Paul Stacey @paulstacey
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Duration: 1h 50m

Language: English

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Hello global open educators!

I’m @paulstacey, Executive Director of OEGlobal.

It’s my delight to be chairing this webinar with @mmclure , @sinkinso, and @gerryhanley. Their presentations are a great mix of open educational practices, care in the open, and connecting the local to the global. What a great opportunity to hear about the culture and practice of open from three very experienced practitioners.

All three presentations are related to UNESCO OER Recommendation Action areas Inclusive Access Equitable OER, and Building Capacity. Each presentation will last 20 minutes and we’ll follow that with what I hope is lively discussion with all of you who attend. Your questions and comments will be welcome throughout the webinar and be used to drive the discussion. Follow on Q&A can take place right here in the dedicated session area of this webinar.

I encourage all the speakers to introduce themselves here so you have a chance to get to know you in advance of the webinar.

As for introducing myself let me just say that I head up the OEGlobal organization and am honoured to have been an active leader in the open education field for almost 20 years now - oh my what a journey it has been. OEGlobal is a virtual organization so I live in Vancouver and work with OEGlobal staff who are distributed all over the world.

Thank you all for being part of this years conference. It is through your efforts that open education is making the lives of learners better, all over the world.