Workshop WikiFundi, the offline open source editing platform

WikiFundi is an open source software that provides an off-line editing environment that mimics the Wikipedia on-line environment. It allows for teaching and content creation when technology fails, access does not exist or is too expensive, and electricity is unreliable. With WikiFundi, individuals, groups and communities can learn how to create and improve articles on a wiki, and can work collaboratively to build articles and other content. To work WikiFundi needs a small portable local server (such as a raspberry PI) that provides a local wifi network, which editors can then connect to and work on their articles.

Once the articles are finished, the end result can be transferred to an online wiki page on Wikipedia or Wikimedia project or Vikidia.

WikiFundi is a Wiki in Africa project created to support the WikiAfrica movement. The platform is designed by Florence Devouard and Isla Haddow-Flood, and developed by Florence Devouard, Emmanuel Engelhard, Florent Kaisser, Renaud Gaudin, and other members of the Wikimedia community. It is funded by the Orange Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia CH. The WikiFundi software and its documentation is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. WikiFundi received the Open Infrastructure Award from OE Global in 2021.

How WikiFundi can help ?

WikiFundi has been designed to facilitate three distinct sectors:

  1. Education : as an easy-to-use teaching tool for schools and education programmes to teach how to read and analyse Wikipedia or Vikidia articles, or to teach how to create and contribute, transferring digital and academic skills. There are resources in the pack to assist students and teachers.
  2. Outreach: as a tool that facilitates usergroups and volunteers when building the Wikimedia movement by providing a way to collectively edit in offline situations. There are resources are included in the package to assist Wikimedia leads.
  3. Entrepreneurship : as a simple wiki platform used by individuals or small groups of digitally skilled entrepreneurs in poorly connected areas to create CVs, business plans, take meeting notes, produce reports etc…

UseCase: WikiChallenge Ecoles d’Afrique : WikiChallenge Ecoles d'Afrique - Meta

The goal of the workshop would be to demonstrate how the tool works and how to set it up. And naturally to discuss of its uses…



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