How The AND Conference Might Work: An Overview

We are designing some loose structure and potential activities for the OEGlobal 2022 AND conference, but what ultimately happens is in the hands of those who participate here.

That’s you!

How Will this Work?

Please join us for an experimental approach to engaging with conference activity.

The AND Conference here is completely open and available for anyone to participate in without registration or fees. It will evolve with what those who show up contribute. This is aimed to in the spaces between the programmed sessions in Nantes.

The structure of the OEGlobal AND Conference entry provides direct access to these spaces:

  • The full Nantes Congress schedule with times displayed in your local time, plus other live activities that for participants both In Nantes and Not in Nantes.

  • As in previous online conferences hosted here in OEG Connect, all the In Nantes Conference sessions will be published here in OEG Connect, as places for presenters to share not only slides, but additional resources, references, and more importantly, to open a space for dialogue. Anyone can add notes, commentary, and ask follow-up questions.

  • For those unable to travel to Nantes, we offer A Not in Nantes Unconference space. These are open to any kind of discussion, activity you may wish to design, not so much presentations, but ideally some format to generate participation, feedback, collaboration, even calls to action.

  • For connective opportunities we created the Interaction Space available to all, whether In Nantes or Not in Nantes. This will potentially include during breaks live hallway style audio conversations from the conference, live streams of keynotes and plenary sessions, rewatch and discussions of theses sessions, shared annotation of the OER Recommendation with session highlights, asynchronous social connective activities, and more. And you can contribute your own ideas for interaction.

What to do Next?

This space is open for you before, during, and after the May 23-25 Congress. Our suggestions include:

Pathways Into the AND Conference

It can be messy to find things in OEG Connect (as the author of much content, I lose track of things myself).

Thus we offer a map as best we can to guide you through this space. Look for a key hint there how to bookmark this map. The key links are available from most primary conference content labeled as “Find Your Way”.

Find your way
:arrow_up: OE Global 2022
:arrow_forward: Full Schedule
:arrow_forward: In Nantes Conference Sessions
:arrow_forward: Interaction Space
:arrow_forward: Not in Nantes Unconference Sessions

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