Webinar 06 Building Capacity

This webinar addresses the Building Capacity UNESCO OER action area. A recording of this session will be added as soon as possible.


UNESCO OER Action Area: Building Capacity

Webinar Chair: Jane-Frances Agbu @janef

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Duration: 2h 10m

Language: English

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Hello participants. Greetings from Abuja, Nigeria. I am Jane-Frances Agbu and I will be facilitation this session. As we all know, the Action Area of focus is “Building Capacity”. We shall to hearing from Janssen et al; Farrell et al; Schroeder et al; Farrow et al; who will share experiences through their presentations. I look forward to this learning experience. The following is the session format:

Welcome and introduction of the session - 10 minutes
Presentations - 20 minutes
Comments and discussions - 30 minutes
Conclusion - 10 mins

See you soon. All the best

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Links shared in the session:

@bdelosarcos The accessibility challenge:
Accessibility of learning materials and Schrödinger’s Cat – Open Education

@Anthere Example and history of digital accessibility through offline OER solutions:

@OrnaF Go Open: A beginners guide to open education on Zenodo

@bruntonj Go Open: A beginners guide to open education on LibGuides:

@MartijnOuwehand : Delft University of Technology applied the 5 components model to MOOC/OER policy in 2015:

@OpenRobert55: The Coalition S movement and the DORA initiative recognizes and rewards involvement in OER:

Some resources here from @OpenRobert55 :


@Simonne shared WikiEducator

@MartijnOuwehand : This asynchronous session invites you to explore what worked or didn’t work in online/remote, hybrid, and Blended Learning (BL) formats in your organization. Feel free to provide feedback through a survey and join a discussion:

@RobertFarrow shared:

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Thanks for a very interesting set of presentations and discussion. I’ve posted my report of the session here - please continue the discussion!

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