Webinar 07 Building Capacity, Developing Supportive Policy

This webinar addresses the Building Capacity UNESCO OER action area. A recording of this session will be added as soon as possible.


UNESCO OER Action Areas: Building Capacity, Developing Supportive Policy

Webinar Chair: Rosa Leonor Ulloa Cazarez @rosiu

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Duration: 2h 10m

Language: English

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Hello, presenters! :vulcan_salute:
I’m Rosi and will be the chair for your session :love_you_gesture:
Are you ready for the next week? Let me know if you have doubts or comments.

I suggest following the current order on the agenda for the presentations, but if any of you have a time preference, let me know before Friday 24th to arrange this order.

Also, let’s practice: post some messages on this forum. Then, go to your presentation space and post some interesting points about your presentation; it can be fun facts or anything that add value to your topic and begin the conversation.

Anything else you want to comment on, here or there, please do! I’ll be glad to talk with you before our magic day :star_struck:


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Dear all,

thank you very much for joining our presentation of the global study on the impact of Open Education during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Our video recording and the presentation slides are published and available now (see our presentation announcement).
And I’m very sorry that finally I could not co-present it as planned due to family issues.

Our international team of co-authors from all five continents is very pleased about your expressed interest:
We are currently publishing the results from our reports and cases studies from 13 countries in journal articles (with open access of course).

And we are looking forward to our further discussions and collaboration to establish and improve Open Education worldwide!

Warm regards from Germany