Webinar 12 Inclusive and Equitable OER, Building Capacity

This webinar addresses the Inclusive and Equitable OER and Building Capacity UNESCO OER action areas. A recording of this session will be added as soon as possible.


UNESCO OER Action Areas: Inclusive and Equitable OER, Building Capacity

Webinar Chair: Gino Fransman @GinoFransman

When (converted to your local time):
Duration: 1h 50m

Language: English

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Good morning all from Gqeberha, South Africa.
@shironica @somnaidu @moodler @paulhodgson @cgoode @Mackiwg @Simonne

I am honoured to be chairing this session and invite you as presenters to share a brief introduction to yourselves and the session you will offer for the session introduction. You can email me at Gino.Fransman@mandela.ac.za. It would be great to have this well before the session for a read through and to enable compilation of all content. You are also most welcome to share any leading questions that I can direct your way/s during the Q&A.
We will also do a brief tech check with the tech support from OEGlobal 15 minutes before the session begins, so please do join.

The session format is:

Welcome and introduction of the session - 10 minutes
Presentations - 20 minutes
Comments and discussions - 30 minutes
Conclusion - 10 mins

All the best, enjoy the conference!

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You are also encouraged to share presentations here so they are all visible and available.

Hi Gino

Thanks for the message, looking forward to it. I attach our profiles and presentation for you and we will see you there for the test.

Please can you ask someone to point us to where we login?

All the best,


MoodleNet Profiles for #OEglobal Sep 2021.pdf (135 KB)

MoodleNet #OEglobal Sep 2021.pdf (2.63 MB)

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Hello @paulhodgson
Thank you for sharing. At the top of this page, there’s a Join Webinar button (in blue). Is that what you are looking for? Otherwise, you can also reach out to @cogdog for help with any technical questions. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

That’s great thanks. Info here for @moodler too.

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ExtendedAbstract_OEGlobal2021_Karunanayaka_Naidu_Updated.pdf (240.4 KB)
OEGLOBAL_2021_Karunanayaka_Naidu_PRESENTATION_29.09.2021.pdf (952.1 KB)

Thanks @GinoFransman - Great to be connecting with my birth country in this way. Bio info is on our website here.

Hope you are keeping well since we last met in Banff in 2015. Look forward to the session later today.

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Good morning, bonjour
Saying hello from Barbados
Will not be able to participate because of the time difference… it will be 2 am my time when you begin but I do look forward to viewing the recording.
Here’s wishing you a successful presentation.
Best regards

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Here is a link to our slides on Radical Openness, Incremental Design: Radical openness, incremental design OEGlobal 2021.pdf (997.4 KB)

The Open Education, Copyright and Open Licensing course can be viewed (and studied!) here: https://course.oeru.org/lida103/

The pages on the Personal learning environment based on a collection of open source technologies start here: https://course.oeru.org/lida103/learning-pathways/orientation/overview/

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Thank you for these presentations! It is exciting to see projects that are bringing radical openness and addressing systemic change in many regions and contexts.