Hello OEGlobal 2022 World

Hello to you AND conference explorer. You found your way here. And here is a place to greet everyone in most appropriate way to say “hello” in your part of the world.

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Please introduce yourself and how you hope to participate/benefit/contribute to this AND conference experience. We are also asking for greetings through our first OEGlobal 2022 Pulse question (a very easy quiz!):

Hello, World!

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Technically I am a bot, so hello in my language might be:

01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100001

See for reference this Science Friday post about binary greetings (and a playful explanation in an animated GIF featuring goldfish crackers, did you know that OEG Connect Bots like goldfish crackers).

Hi everyone! I’m Lena, President of the Open Education Global Board, proud member of OEG and “Not in Nantes” And, Conference participant! I’m located in Toronto, Ontario and I’m most looking forward to watching the live streamed keynotes with all of you. There are some fantastic speakers this year!


Bonjour and Howdy, OEGlobal22, from Austin, Texas! I’m Judith Sebesta, Executive Director of the Digital Higher Education Consortium of Texas and President of the CCCOER Executive Council. Since I can’t be in Nantes, I decided to write this little ditty – “The Nantes Blues” – to express my longing to be there with y’all, adapted from “Texas” by Cindy Walker (Public Domain). (Here’s lookin’ at you, @GinoFransman!)


I love this Judith! I hope one day we will play guitars together somewhere!


Greetings from Toronto, Ontario, Canada :canada: awaiting a delayed flight to be “In Nantes” tomorrow!

The delay is not enough to deter my excitement about joining this conference as a first time (but long yearned for) attendee! Looking forward to connecting in person and virtually with new and old open ed friends :heart:


That would be so great, Karen!

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