Sponsor Presentation: Frontiers for Young Minds' groundbreaking open education - Global science for kids, edited by kids

Frontiers for Young Minds is a unique, open-access kids’ science journal. We don’t just publish science which researchers think is accessible for kids; we bring our young student audience, aged 8-15, into the peer review process, to edit the articles written by top researchers, to connect with the science directly, and to ensure the final publication is accessible for their peers.

With over 19M views and downloads worldwide (averaging 20K+ per article published), and a collection of Nobel-Prize winners writing for us about their careers, we’re truly set to inspire the global next generation of young scientists!

Join me to find out how we work, and more importantly, to preview the big changes our wonderful journal is going to see this year. Exciting times are ahead, with ambitious expansion planned, and we are looking for additional new partners to help us take our important science-communication mission truly international in all major languages. Talk to team leader Laura Henderson @LauraHenderson about how to make innovation in open education happen, and check us out at: kids.frontiersin.org.

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Frontiers for Young Minds


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Thank you @paulstacey, @cogdog and all at OEG22 for enabling me to talk to the conference remotely!
I’d really welcome any questions or interest in Frontiers for Young Minds - do reach out to me at laura.henderson@frontiersin.org, or drop by our Sponsor booth today to see my colleague @savagewm Will Savage for a chat!

I presented a lot of information in a short time, so for anyone who would like to see more detail, I would be happy to share a copy of my slides with more explanation as needed - just contact me any time!
Also - I mentioned our YouTube channel which is a great way to discover more:

  • Frontiers for Young Minds ’ YouTube, including the full version of the video I showed a short excerpt from, which features our live-review event at the Dubai Expo
  • Frontiers’ YouTube, including our amazing Forum Speakers events